Saint Nicholas

The 3d Animation of the Church of Saint Nicholas is the first project of [Digital Renaissance]. This project has been supported by the South Moravian Region.

We are presenting to you a three-minutes-long 3D visualization of the former church of St Nicholas, standing in today’s Náměstí Svobody Square, as it looked in the High Gothic period.

The visualization of the church includes external and internal perspectives. The church decorations are based on a study and comparison of historical sources.



How was the resulting video created?

In the very beginning we have studied archive materials, such as landscape paintings, period photographs, plans, drawings and archeological studies of where the church was originally located, in order to render the church faithfully as a 3D model.

A very interesting part of the project was the digital restoration of the church interior. To recreate the parts that are no longer available in historical sources, particularly the church furnishings, we have used historical knowledge of iconography, religious art and materials from other churches of the same type and age.

After preparing the data, we have started to create the 3D model in Autodesk 3ds Max. Once the “rough construction” was ready, we have designed the church altar, benches and statues. Then we have prepared the textures of the stones, wood and wall paintings inside the church and rendered the output from 3D environment for each image separately to maintain the quality. Individual shots were prepared in this manner and were edited in Adobe Premiere. Then we have added music and sound to the video. The final video with the animation could be find on this website:

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