About us

Time travelling

The Digital Renaissance is an interdisciplinary project, which is connecting humanities with the digital technologies. Our focus is on the 3D reconstruction of the art objects accordingly historical research. We are using the 3d computer modeling and the 3d scanning for the process of the visualization. We are trying very hard to be close to the historical reality and because of that we are  doing a professional and deep historical backround research of each art object.

The Digital Renaissance like a time machine invites you to visit history of art. It opens you a door of forgotten spaces…it is a bridge between the present and the past.

We would like to present you history and art history in cheerful way and we hope, that you will enjoy it. So come with us and discover how have the things and places looked long time ago!


Venuše v přechodu


Who can drive the Digital Renaissance? A team of enthusiastic people!

Miriam Kolářová is an Art Historian. She knows how to guide you through the History of Art and she is responsive for your comfort during the visit of the past.

Ondřej Hudeček is a 3D Designer. He is the main designer of the time machine, so he has real driving license to take you to the past!

Michal Spielmann is a software specialist and he knows how to control the time machine. Thanks to him you can travel!

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